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ATTENTION: We are sad to announce that due to the impact of COVID-19, we are shutting down all operations for Zinn Mechanical. If you need emergency services, we would be happy to recommend other trusted companies in the area. Please email us at for more information and any questions you have.

Boiler Repair Brunswick OH | Licensed & Trusted Radiator Experts

A trusted name in heating systems, we've been servicing customers throughout the city for years. We've built up an excellent reputation by staying true to our commitment to high-quality service, consistently delivering top-notch results every time! Our skilled Brunswick OH boiler repair professionals are committed to providing quality services and quality no matter what it takes. We know that life doesn't always work on a regular schedule. That's why we're available 24/7 for you - whether it be during the day, at night, or even over the weekend!

Call one of our dedicated technicians today so they can help with just about anything related to boiler and radiator heating: repairs, installations, service calls- whatever else may come up throughout your next few months together (or years)! Our goal is to make sure your home is nice and warm when you need us because we realize how important this can be in our everyday lives.


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One of the most common issues homeowners have is heating their homes. We know how to fix that! If you've recently experienced a faulty thermostat, lousy pump, or clogged water line - don't worry about it because we can get your system back up and running in no time with our friendly technicians!

If you've been noticing that your boiler has been making strange noises, then it is likely time to contact our specialists. A grinding sound often indicates water pump failure, and squealing noise may point to sediment buildup or minerals in one of the pipes. Leaking boilers are very common; any equipment handling a lot of liquid will eventually inform at some point! Call us today for a free estimate on getting started with your project.


Having a cozy, comfortable home during the winter is so important. You need to make sure your heating system isn't going through any problems that will put you in an uncomfortable situation while trying to survive this cold spell! That's why it's good for us to have regular maintenance checkups on our systems because when they break down (and eventually they all do), we can catch them before anything wrong happens. Keeping your boiler in top shape is the key to a comfortable home.

Regular maintenance could also potentially extend the life of your boiler so you can enjoy more time without worrying about an expensive replacement down the line! To ensure that it's running at its best, we'll inspect every component during our regular visits and fix any minor problems before they become bigger ones with costly repairs.