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Castle Noel


Castle Noel is a Christmas museum filled with more than 2,000 Christmas items on display include: a replica of Santa's North Pole workshop, a giant talking Christmas tree, miniature dioramas from all over the world, Nativity scenes from around the world (including Barbie as Mary and GI Joe as Joseph), Santa's tomb, and many more unique items.

The last item that you might see before leaving the museum is Santa's fireplace (with Santa himself) where people are encouraged to write their Christmas wish list on their business card. Then they tear it off the bottom and put it in the stocking hanging over the fireplace. Make sure you check it when you visit to see if anyone has responded to your request.

During the holidays, Santa Claus (a.k.a. museum owner Bob Verhagen) is available for pictures and questions, in addition to his staff consisting of Mrs. Claus (wife Carol), elves, reindeer, and others who make the museum more fun.

But there's more to Castle Noel than just the multitude of holiday items on display. There are also rooms with antique toys, Coca Cola collectibles, Christmas cards, caroling books, and much more. A lot of the items are grouped by holiday theme—Christmas music room, Halloween room, gingerbread room, etc.

There are also several rooms devoted to the birth of Jesus Christ including Bethlehem in Miniature (a miniature cityscape with tiny figurines that tells the story of Jesus' birth), Nativity scenes from around the world (including Barbie as Mary and GI Joe as Joseph), and Santa's tomb. The building is decorated with lights and Christmas trees in every room. In addition, don't forget to call Zinn Mechanical for all HVAC-related problems during this season.

If you are looking for a unique place to visit this holiday season, then be sure to check out Castle Noel. 


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