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Fred Greenwood Park


Fred Greenwood Park in Medina Ohio is an ideal place for almost any occasion. Whether you are looking to have a picnic with the family, go swimming, or just have some fun on the playground equipment. Fred Greenwood has something for everyone!

This park is very well taken care of and there are plenty of places to sit while you eat your food or relax. There are two different playgrounds at Fred Greenwood Park, one for younger kids and the other for older ones. This is ideal because you don't have to walk across the park to see your children play on the equipment if they're in a different age group. Plus there is always space on the lawn for a picnic or to layout and tan!

You can't forget about swimming, it's great for kids of all ages. The pool is only 3 feet deep so that way no one gets hurt or has to worry about drowning.                                              

There are also several picnic tables around the park that are perfect for gatherings. The best part about this park is not only all of the awesome amenities it has to offer but the location! It is right in downtown Medina which is great because there are plenty of places to eat, shop, and explore when you're done with your fun day at Greenwood Park.

It's also only a few minutes away from Deupree House, an old Victorian house that was built in 1855 and is now open to the public for tours. This park makes it so easy for people of all ages to have fun and bond with friends and family. There are not many more parks down there, so be sure to get out and check it out soon! So the next time you're looking for a fun day just get out of town, head to Fred Greenwood Park, and Zinn Mechanical. You won't regret it!


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