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Let our experts assist you with your heat pump needs in Parma Ohio

A new heat pump is an important investment for your home, and at Zinn Mechanical we are committed to helping you find the right system for your home. Heat pump size is measured in terms of tons. Most heat pumps range from ½- to 5-ton units, although larger systems are also available. We can help you select the right size system for your home, but the general rule is that you will need about one ton for every 600-650 square feet of living space. Contact us today to find the right heat pump unit for your space.

Is a Boiler Right for you-talk to our team at Zinn Mechanical

If you are in the market for a new heating system, a boiler maybe your best option, especially if you live in an older home that already has radiators in place. HVAC technology has created highly efficient systems that can dramatically reduce your heating costs. If you are interested in the comfortable heat and quiet operations offered by a boiler system, give us a call. Our HVAC team at Zinn Mechanical can help you find the right climate control solution.

Zinn Mechanical can offer compact Duct Free systems

At Zinn Mechanical we offer a variety of ductless mini-split systems for homes and businesses of all sizes. These heating and cooling systems make small spaces more comfortable, and we look forward to helping you select the system that will work best with your space. When only certain rooms in your home need cooling and heating, a ductless mini-split air conditioner or heat pump can provide an affordable and flexible solution. These compact systems offer zoning flexibility, allowing you to make individual rooms and spaces in your home more comfortable.