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If you have a new home and are thinking of installing a central heating and cooling system, you will need an HVAC contractor to fit the ducts. You might also need an HVAC contractor to do the ductwork if you decide to repair or upgrade your HVAC system. Though manufacturers use different materials to perform the ductwork, ducts built of fabricated sheet metal have the best airflow properties and are most durable. 

Typically, the sheet metal ducts use galvanized sheet metal, which can be modified to fit any ductwork project, or many other applications. However, the sheet metal fabrication ducts can leak and impact your home comfort negatively if they are not installed correctly. Thus, it is essential to identify an experienced sheet metal fabricator to customize and install the ducts and other metal products for you. 

Zinn Mechanical is a full service commercial and residential HVAC contractor. Our expertly trained sheet metal fabricating technicians can provide a wide range of sheet metal products and services to meet all your HVAC needs.



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If you are looking for sheet metal fabrication services, then look no further. Our sheet metal installation team will provide a full range of sheet metal customizations to meet all your ductwork needs. For decades, we have provided exemplary services to our clients in Medina and beyond. We are eager to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system through our craftsmanship and experience. By signing a contract with us, you will enjoy our:

Quality products/services 

We normally follow a process to ensure that our customers get quality products and services. First, we only select skilled and experienced individuals in the sheet metal fabrication field during recruitment. After selection, we subject them to regular training to equip them with the latest updates in the field. Finally, we provide them with the newest equipment, supervise their activities, and inspect the end products to ensure that they meet the client's specifications. With this, we can undoubtedly guarantee you quality HVAC services.

Affordable prices

We charge favorable prices for our quality products and services to protect our clients from exploitation. 

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We want to perfect the ductwork in your heating and cooling system.  Our offices are spread throughout Medina and its surroundings. So, kindly feel free to request our services at any time from anywhere, and we promise to provide an immediate response. Contact us by phone or online today!